Jul 8, 2015

Apple and blueberry pancakes

These small, sweet pancakes were my favorite growing up. I remember whole apple slices being browned in the still sizzling pan. Fond memories of the place where I grew up, in the country that doesn't exist. 

I often think I have two lives. My first twenty years spent on steep hills above Dnepr. Heavy chestnut tree blossoms and heady lilac flood the streets as you climb back up from the river. Kiev. The next twenty five are coming to an end in sunburned, windswept Melbourne. 

One day there will be a pen, sharp and witty, factual and insightful, that will tell the whole story. Chaotic, intense and often agonizing times, that pushed a whole generation away from home. 

And I, for now, just keep my food memories to connect what I had been with what I have become. 

Apple and Blueberry Pancakes - Recipe
Whisk 2 eggs, sour cream, milk and sugar together. Add self-raising flower to form a batter. Slice apples into small cubes, add to the mixture along with some blueberries.

Melt some butter in a hot frying pan. Spoon a dollop of the batter to form a pancake. Fry for a couple of minutes and turn on the other side.

I added some rosemary flowers from my garden together with a little bit of pineapple salsa for some extra flavor once the pancakes were ready.

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