Jun 30, 2015

Life of a working guy sandwich

Earl Canteen
500 Bourke, Lt Bourke St courtyard, Melbourne

It is not terribly exciting to be a sandwich. Like it or not, but you need to know your place in the stylish world of delectables.

You can't compare yourself to the ever popular deserts. These snobby chocolate types, covered in fresh strawberries won’t even look your way. You have no chance with fancy salads and hearty soups, they are allowed to play with ingredients, know so well what's 'in' this season and can make themselves look very handsome.

It is very hard to get noticed when you are a working guy sandwich. When all you can have is a simple filing and an even simpler purpose - feed those office types, rushing about their daily business. They will have their time later, with sophisticated dinner sorts, but now all they want is a quick bite for lunch.

I am not being totally honest here.  If you are a sandwich from Earl Canteen, made to order, with the choices of roast pumpkin and gorgonzola piccante, or free-range pork belly, apple, cabbage & fennel, you know that you've made it. You are on par with the sit down dinners, served at night, with dim lights and adults only conversations.

I am one of those selected few, hand made, from Earl Canteen, an aristocrat of a sandwich.

I am well aware that I will not even survive past lunch time. But isn't this the point? A life very short, but spectacular, where every moment counts?

Earl Canteen street view
Earl Canteen lunch box

Earl Canteen gorgonzola pumpkin sandwich
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