May 18, 2015

Life goals and The Perfect Drop

5 Howe Street,
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

I do not have many ambitions or a set path in life to follow. I've always been driven by passion and curiosity, letting in logic and reason only in a road-safety type manner; just to avoid a major collusion when at a fork in the road.

Through all of that I've always had two goals: to see as much of the world as I can and to enjoy the many forms and artistry of cooking.

A short time ago, while in Daylesford we visited The Perfect Drop. A nourishing meal, created from locally sourced produce, a cosy room, live music. The Perfect Drop was the place where I finally understood that at 45 I will be perfectly happy to walk down the corporate ladder, take a country road and leave my business cards behind. At least for a little while. I, who always agonize about slightest of decisions, was sure of this one. I have decided to take as much time as I need to let myself discover who I really am, travel, cook, blog, and live.

The moral of the story? I am excited to see where all of the above will take me. I am ready to fail, at least I will know I tried. And, even if you don't need a visit from life altering ideas, do book a table at The Perfect Drop, if only for their char grilled beef eye fillet.

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