Jul 24, 2013

Hawk & Hunter Small Batch

Glen Eira Avenue, Ripponlea

Tuesday mornings don't often sound like freshly made raspberry slice and mulled wine. Instead, the sounds come from the City bound trains, exhaling colorful crowds into the narrow Melbourne alleyways, cubicles and paper jams.

But when the good things come, even in small batches, they sound like coriander spiced falafels, buoyant poached eggs, warm corn and black bean fritters and apple juice. 

Good things come at Hawk & Hunter Small Batch. Mulled wine in hand, I watch the City trains inhale the crowds,  while my morning sounds like a raspberry slice.

Collage on the wall inside the cafe

Mulled wine

Coriander spiced falafels, hummus, pickled vegetables, flatbread and poached eggs

Corn and black bean fritters, chimichurri, avocado and a poached egg

Jaffa truffle pops

Raspberry slice

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