Jun 5, 2013

After the Tears

9B Gordon Street, Elsternwick, Melbourne

I was certain I know what comes after the tears, as far as vodka is concerned. You move between the lover and the fighter state of mind one little shot at a time. Steaming boiled potatoes, some herring, a bottle of vodka, and you let go of your fears and become someone else. Highly recommend, but the memory of the night before in the morning after could cause some pain to an unprepared mind.

Don't think of me badly, in my respectable years I can hold my drink. And hold a drink I did at After the Tears. A shot of blackcurrant vodka and dumplings, forgive me my Russian friends, Polish sophistication wins me over.

I will come back for more, to find out what really comes after the tears.

Blackcurrent vodka image - After the Tears
After the Tears interior

Dumplings - After the Tears

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  1. You are a poet Jules. Dumplings look deeeliciuos.

    1. Thank you, the place is worth the visit, if not for vodka, certanly for food and atmosphere.