Nov 25, 2012

The taste of Melbourne

Melbourne, my city.  Cosmopolitan, modern, dynamic, cultured. But what is the flavour of Melbourne? I knew that the answer to this question is much more than just some salt and paper prawns.

The Taste of Melbourne with Albert Park Lake as its backdrop is where I finally found my answer.
I tried it all. Street style corn from Mamasita, tempura soft shell crab with jalapino, apple frangipane tart from Libertine, passionfruit and chilli gin cocktails, grapefruit and black tea beers, chocolate in all shapes and sizes, cupcakes of all colours. I kept on looking.

And then I saw Frank Camorra. Surrounded by his MoVida team, he was making grilled lamb skewers.
To watch a craftsman is a spectacle. Nothing excites me more, then talent and passion. It was in front of me, right there. His team felt it, the crowds did too. The passion for his work was on his face, in his food.

This was what I was looking for. The taste of Frank's passion is the flavour of Melbourne. Talent and passion for your craft, any craft, shared with others, is the taste of Melbourne.

Chocolate shoes


Apple cake

Food from Movida

Tacos from Mamasita


Albert Park Lake