May 1, 2011

Pie in the sky

43 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, Victoria

I had to escape. I had to run away from reliable, reasonable, rational me. Up into the stillness of the Dandenong Ranges I go to become a part of the eternal order of things, feel the filtered autumn sun on my face, watch the copper leaves fall slowly, walk up these hills, take a deep breath and just be.

Olinda, less then an hour away from Melbourne.  I get the freshly baked pies and pastries from 'Pie in the Sky'. The place is always too full to get a table inside, so we just order pies and apple strudels to go. It's cold and we eat outside, the steam coming out of our pies.

There is something that needs to be said about the happiness you can get from a freshly baked pastry.  Is it the smell, or the way it melts in your mouth, I am not sure, I prefer to leave some things undiscovered. And as for 'Pie in the Sky', I am already planning a visit back, I don't care if I can't get a table inside, in Olinda eating on the side of the road is as good as sitting at the best table in the house.

Pie in the Sky

Chicken and mushroom pie

Apple strudel

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