Mar 27, 2011

Dumpling crawl

Food and wine festival is the culinary haven that descends upon Melbourne in March. Melbourne in March is pretty much heavenly anyway, but dipped into all sorts of delicious events around town, this is as good as life really gets.

With a modest investment of $50 dollars I went on the 'Dumpling crawl', purely because I was intrigued by the name. I had no great expectations, since Chinese food in general and dumplings in particular were never in my food fantasy land.

How wrong I was! Safely, best $50 dollars I have ever spent, guided by the legend of Chinese cuisine, Tony Tan I am completely convinced now, dumplings are the sexiest of food.

If my photos don't do justice to these wonders of shape and texture, those reading this story will need to take my word for it.

pork dumpling

pork dumplings

scalop dumplings

the table is set

dumplings for dessert

more dumplings for dessert

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