Feb 8, 2011

Hopefull green in a dark blue night

I often think my life is like a kaleidoscope - I turn it a bit and the picture changes. I look through the coloured glass sparkling on the sun. I look for hopeful greens, joyful blues, passionate reds.

Today I colour my day green, and go to Victoria Market,  Mecca for all Melbournian food lovers.

For me it is as much a pleasure trip as one can be allowed on a busy working day in the city. I often have some idea of what I want to buy, but I am really bad at sticking to my plan or budget. But really, I can hardly be blamed for spending a tiny bit more on an unplanned piece of cheese or seductive chili olives from the deli.

After diving into the smells and sounds of the market, I re-appear 30 minutes later with what I am hoping will become a simple and tasty dinner. I don't pretend I am a serous chef, and the pressure of blowing people away with what I make is not for me (secretly, of course, I hope to make someone incredibly happy). Today my plan included Parmesan crumbed pork with green salad, slow roasted tomatoes with ciabatta and feta.

Did someone say wine? Never forget passionate red.

Kaleidoscope of life turns again, dark blue night settles in and the food is ready to be served.