Oct 9, 2013

For the love of pizza

362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

This story is not about how we met at  +39 Pizza Bar on a bustling Melbourne lane way for the love of pizza.  It is not about how too much food was ordered. Food restraint is not my forte. This time I blame it on the Italian accent, perhaps just rehearsed, but still, not helpful when it comes to saying no to a plate of bruschetta. 

Neither is this a story about the bottle of red we shared. I am not even going to mention how it had a grape-stomping party in my head the morning after.

This is a very short story about moments of life, little stills stitched together by the thread of time. Moments like these are the brightest threads in that thick, strangely cut fabric.

Pizza +39 outside shot

Pizza from +39 Pizza bar
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