Jun 20, 2013

The Meatball and Wine Bar

135 Flinders Lane, Melborne

To my dear friend Nicole.

If you will ever need to make someone you care about feel special, take them to the Meatball and Wine Bar. Buy them some sliders, share a few plates of balls, let them choose the desert, have a few wines.

What's in these balls? I think the main ingredient is happiness, some love, a sense of humour and a little bit of passion for good food.

Meatballs are a comfort food for me.  This place is a winner; both comfy and stylish, with just a hint of New York and a touch of class. A real Melbourne gem.

restaurant interior

burgers, called 'sliders'

chocolate cookie vanila ice cream

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  1. Mmm Sliders... Great pics and post J. Here's to more balls and wine!

    1. Great place! Nick showed it to me, and I take people there too :)