Jun 13, 2013

France, me and the Lonely Planet guide

'God gave us the gift of life. It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living.'

I was always attraced to France, the idea of 'the gift of living' which they seem to understand so well.  I wanted to take my time and slowly get to know it too.  So, I had five weeks, a flight to Paris and a train ticket down south.

A friend said, take a Lonely Planet guide, you will need it. Very skeptical, I thought, carrying around that heavy book is not a good idea, I prefer to travel light.

It is now a year since my trip. I came to France attracted to it, and I am still completely in love.
And as for that book, I used it. It was my guide to the gift of living.
Macaroons from Laduree
Macaroons from Ladurée
Some food memories in Google+ photo gallery.

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