Mar 3, 2011

'Tolarno Bistro' as Christmas present

There could be no better present for Christmas. A book about how Melbourne became mesmerised with French food and Mirka Mora; about the place where she painted and entertained guests during the sixties. Tolarno Bistro was part of St Kilda as much as St Kilda is an essence of Melbourne, where the smell of food is mixed up with the smell of the sea.

Iain Hewitson and Bob Hart, thank you, thank you for giving me the pleasure of owing your creation. 

P.S. An apple tart was made with thoughts of all the others who tried and enjoyed this recipe, it will be shared with anyone interested, very soon. If you can only trust me, it is a joy to make and a delight to eat.
Tolarno Bistro - a book by Iain Hewitson and Bob Hart

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